Moxxe stands apart from its competition by sticking to a simple philosophy that revolves around honesty, positivity, hard work and attention to detail. We care about our clients, and our success and reputation within the community has been built on listening to them to create and execute effective public relations, marketing, and social media strategies. Today, the many methods of communication have created both opportunity and clutter. We work hand-in-hand with our client to find the right mix of integrated strategies and the means of credibly communicating messages effectively and efficiently.

We're not your conventional publicists -- we are focused on our clients' needs and on delivering results. We are not a big firm, and we do not want to grow to be a big firm with interns learning the ropes by handling your account. Our growth is focused on being great, and we focus on partnering with inventive and inspired businesses that deserve media attention. Our hands-on, one-on-one approach and creativity has been proven to deliver results that help our clients, and even though we are only two, we affiliate ourselves with experts who provide complementary services to ensure that our clients have access to the strongest all-around team available. It's not our style to brag, so if you want an honest assessment, just ask our clients.